Combining local expertise with global perspective

We are a European energy trading company.

Combining local expertise with global perspective

We are a European energy trading company.

Entauri trading

Entauri trading is a European energy trading company headquartered in Prague.

As a European energy trading company, we are active on the central European markets with a primary focus on electricity, gas and EUA. Our main goal is to utilize derivative information from the market and work with the best available professionals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to integrate modern trading technologies that will further change the form of the energy industry and to play an active role in facilitating trade on the liberalized and emerging European energy markets

Financial Development

While modest in the beginning, gradual rise of both profit and turnover clearly shows that the path the company has chosen is the correct one.

The company is able to extract more and more value per each contract. A growing body of robust market experience as well as further improvements in prediction models are the main factors behind our ever higher success rate.

Market Situation

The company is engaged in power trading largely on the central European markets, such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia and on the biggest European market – Germany. It is mainly Germany that has been the major driver behind what can only be called an “energy revolution”. Due to the rise of price of emission allowances, the German power market and, in consequence, also the neighbouring markets have become highly volatile. Moreover, as new market design is being debated at EU level, there is no indication that this volatility might stop or even slow down. Quite the contrary. Changes in production portfolios of many European countries, where renewable production capacities are slowly taking over from coal and gas production capacities, at least in utilisation, means correct prediction of market movement based on a myriad of inputs will gain an even higher importance. Fortunately, that it is exactly where the company has the edge, as both owners have a wealth of experience behind them, analysing the changing landscape of European energy markets for more than a decade.

Looking into the Future

As fast as the last couple of years have been, the company and its owners have no intention of slowing down. Quite the opposite. The short term plan (3-year outlook) is to further expand a strong team of profit driven traders with deep market experience and a strong track record. The main markets where the company plans to expand include the Nordic markets, Italy and the western European markets.

The long term plans are even bolder. To extend a trading power house within the European energy markets with documented continuous growth and high profit margins.